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Pure Farms offers a complete package for commercial hydroponic growers.

From the initial design, supply and installation of commercial hydroponic systems through to the training of growers and the ongoing supply of day to day consumables.

All backed by experienced advice and highest standard of customer service.

Pure Farms provides a full Commercial Hydroponic System design and supply service.

We believe that hydroponic vegetable and crop production should be clean, healthy, nutritious, reliable, predictable and repeatable.

We ensure that the hydroponic equipment and consumables we supply are sourced from quality & reliable manufacturers and are of highest standards.
Also we aim to keep prices as competitive as possible.

Providing the most cost effective and quality solution for a grower is of utmost importance, so logistics are looked at from every angle to keep costs down for the grower.

Our customer service is of top quality, providing prompt & knowledgeable advice in an easy to understand manner.

All the products that we supply are rigorously field tested at our own demo farm located at Delhi NCR and proven to maximize yields.

Growers who deal with Pure Farms enjoy a stress free growing experience, backed by excellent advice and support.

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We supply Indian growers with the latest products and innovations in the most cost effective way possible and showcase some of the best aspects of the Hydroponic industry.

Prompt and efficient service is what we pride ourselves upon as well as our ability to offer commercial growers the complete solution.

Whether you are just starting out or are an existing grower looking to increase crop performance and yields, Pure Farms is happy to assist with friendly advice – no matter where you are located.

Surprisingly, majority of commercial systems that have been set up in recent years, involve clients who have no horticultural experience. They see an opportunity in the market for growing and supplying fresh produce and they embark upon a new career path to capture that market. It is certainly a steep learning curve for these types of clients but they still develop into successful growers and business people if they are dedicated to the ongoing learning and development that comes with hydroponic growing.

We provide a full support package to help new growers in this situation. If new growers are uncertain of undertaking the challenge, or large investments are involved, then we recommend that growers start with a small pilot project or try our Indoor Garden first so they can learn the basics and then apply that knowledge and skills to a larger system later.

We provide a full support package in terms of Greenhouse Hydroponic system and onsite consultancy.

Pure Farms can help you to grow any crop type successfully, it is just a case of what crop type can be sold for the best return on investment that is of most importance.

We are in a position to supply a wide range of products & consumables to suit all types of hydroponic growing systems and crops.

All of our products have been selected based on the following criteria:

Proven performance
Ease of use
Price Competitiveness

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