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1) Customers who are looking for fresh, healthy, nutritious food for their family.
Our goal is to help regenerate an appreciation for vegetables that are produced with healthy practices and without questionable chemicals or pesticides. More & more people are satisfied that now there is a healthy, local option.

2) Resellers / Grocers who intend to provide their valued clients with fresh & healthy food that is free from pesticides.
Unlike the produce typically available from one of the large distribution companies, our product is delivered to you within 24 hours of harvest, so it is fresh, vibrant, and full of nutrients.

3) Restaurants, who are looking at serving their clientele with freshest produce possible.
We work with our clients to grow customartisanal salad blends, hard to find ingredients, and just plain amazing produce. Please contact us if you are interested in year round local product.
We schedule our deliveries so you are always receiving the freshest possible produce. Restaurant customers can confirm their weekly orders using our friendly order confirmation form.

4) Investors who understand and believe in the potential of Hi-tech urban agriculture.

5) Land Owners / Urban Grower  we empower & equip Farmers / Land owners to successfully serve their local markets – If you own a land of size minimum 1000 sqm, on city outskirts, we can help you to set up and enter the upcoming profitable segment of modern agriculture.

6) Work with us we are looking for people who have passion for healthy food & wish to make a living thru urban agriculture.
Positions available in Agronomy, IT, Finance, Marketing & Business Development, Operations.

Post your resumes to with subject as : Work with Pure Farms ( Department – IT, Agronomy etc )

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